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If you want your design to reach the edge of the printed page (no white margin), the digital file you send must have the colors or image stretched or "bleeding" 0.125" additional on all 4 sides past the cut line. If you have a white border on your print, you don't need a bleed.

300 dpi resolution or higher.

Avoid taking low-resolution pictures from the web because they are usually 72 dpi or lower.

Outline your fonts to avoid font changes from computer to computer.

Font size should be 8 points or more for people to read it on print.

For full-color print jobs, convert all RGB and Pantone spot colors to CMYK color mode.


For black and white print jobs, use grayscale color mode (not CMYK or RGB).


For 1- or 2-color jobs, use Pantone spot colors.


For small or precise black text, use "standard black."

For black backgrounds and large areas of black, use "rich black."

Save your file as a high-resolution PDF (with bleeds and crop marks if applicable).

We recommend no borders because shifts in the cutting process can cause borders to look uneven. However, if you insist on having borders, they should be at least 1/4" inside each cut line

or 3/8" inside each bleed line.

Never use shadows, glows, or any other transparency (image or otherwise) on top of a spot color. Always convert your spot color to CMYK for full color jobs and flatten all transparencies before sending.

Bleed Margins



PDF Files




• Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

• InDesign (packaged .indd)

• Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai)

• Photoshop (.psd, .tif, .jpg)

• AutoCad (.pdf)

• Corel Draw (.ai, .eps)


* Microsoft Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other non-graphics software will require charges for conversion. 


Accepted Files

web-design1 copy ART UPLOAD High Resolution LOW RESOLUTION 2 Tick white large Cross white large outlining-vector-fonts